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Why DevOps?

Leading companies have modernized their DevOps to deliver valuable business benefits. You can too.

Speed to Market
Continuous Integration (CI) is just the beginning. Reduce time for new releases for Continuous Delivery (CD).
Respond more quickly to unplanned and unexpected customer needs
Data Availability
Ensure required data is easily available for analysis when needed.
Save as you streamline and optimize. Save on cloud costs as you scale or peak.
Employee Satisfaction
Let developers develop. Make ops folks more efficient. Retain your best employees.

To deliver on the promise of SaaS and mobility, a solid DevOps architecture and management can optimize your operations in key ways.

Provisioning takes forever

Write, plan and create infrastructure as code. If you codify, you can automate

Inconsistent environments

Create infra blueprints and implement CD for consistent environments

Monolithic slows releases

Builds that are easier to validate are easier to release. Modularize and automate!

Manual deployments are painful

Use the power of Ansible playbooks to deploy reliably from a single framework

Product quality can always be better

CI and CD will provide updated codebases and test environments

The wyse Approach to Building DevOps

Devops Requirements

Why Devops?

Tech case

Business Value Analysis, ROI, and Business case

Target Devops maturity level

Devops Gap Assessment

Current state vs target maturity level

Tech readiness

Process readiness

Define POC project & success metrics

Devops POC


Value Experience

Measure Devops Metrics

Drive Exec Buy-in

Devops Pilot

Devops Transformation Roadmap

Execution plan

Resource plan

Measure pilot success metrics

Devops Production Deployment

Change management & training

Overnight vs staged

Agile delivery process

Onsite plus Offshore

24X7 support

Our DevOps Toolbelt

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