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Doing Offshore Right
You Have a Choice

If you continue to believe in choosing an offshoring partner based on staff size, past project experience, and lowest rates, you’ll follow many others down a path that yields mixed results. Or you can learn the truth.. what really goes on behind the scenes in offshoring and how to pick the best partner for your success.

Why Focus on
Bench Size
When it is just a way for vendors to push underutilized staff whether best fit or not
Previous Experience
When it is never the same resources that are assigned to your team
Low Cost
When lower cost will fetch only inexperienced entry level resources
What Really Goes on
One Stellar Resource
Often, you’ll get a sole star performer. The rest will be whomever is underutilized.
Hire from Same Pool
All the offshore companies hire from the same pool. The lower you pay, the lower the quality
Margin from Subpar Resources
It’s not in your interest if vendors’ margins are bigger for below average talent
Bench Already Exists
They were not hired per your requirements. How can they be right for your team?
Good Enough?
It is a compromise, a marriage of convenience. Eventually it will crumble.

Choose wysely

Build The Right Team

No compromises. Build like your own team, from ground up. Pay for quality.

Proven Methodology

Focus on what is right for you Start small. Reduce risk. Build and control. Go step by step.

The Right Balance

Know what you are paying for. Finding your right talent-cost equation is easier when you know the offshore partners cost structure.

The wyse approach

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