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Advancing Transit Tech
Pressure on Transit Agencies

The world is changing rapidly, and that’s putting enormous pressure on public transit agencies to adjust and keep up.

Increasing Urbanization

82% of U.S. population lives in cities and is increasing, up 18% since 1960

Decreasing Car Ownership

BCG predicts 550k fewer vehicles in 2021 due to car sharing alone

Transportation Network Companies

30% projected growth of ride sourcing, ride sharing, car sharing, bike sharing by 2020

Government Regulations

27% US Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) come from transportation, the No. 2 GHG producer in US

And yet, agencies are expected to do more with less
Increase Ridership
New Competition
Passenger Satisfaction
Infrastructure Complexity
Flat Budgets

We Help You.. Help Agencies

New technologies are enabling revolutionary improvements. Social, mobile, big data and analytics, cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) are enabling disruptive change. They can also provide revolutionary improvements when leveraged properly. That’s where we come in.

Omniwyse brings a unique combination of not just software and SaaS product development expertise, but proficiency in leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and best practices to build revolutionary products that deliver innovation. Plus, we have refined our proprietary offshore approach that optimizes your development budget without sacrificing productivity or quality. Combine these with our transit experience, and you will see why Omniwyse is uniquely qualified to help you roadmap and build your next gen products for transit agencies.

Transit Experience

We’ve done this before

Fare Collection

Contactless Smart Cards

Mobile Ticketing

Point of Sale Systems

Technical Product Development

Skills (SMAC,IoT,ML,AI)

Time to Market

Systems Integration

Services Partner

Offshore Value

Successful Approach

Product Development Expertise

On-demand Availability


Cost Optimization

What We Did For a Transit Vendor

Omniwyse helped us leapfrog from outdated technology and un-scalable infrastructure to a suite of mobile ticketing apps, and our new cloud based multi-tenant fare management platform in twelve months. Their work has helped us redefine our leadership position in the Transit industry.

CEO at Leading Transit Vendor

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