A re-engineered SaaS Solution for public transit

For this project we delivered a set of rider-friendly mobile payment programs for public transit fare collection, as well as the cloud-hosted backend infrastructure to support them.


  • The client is a global leader in intelligent fare-collection systems for the transit industry. Its rich history stretches back to the 1880s with the invention of the first farebox. As Genfare increased its investment in intelligent fare collection systems, they had some technical challenges to overcome that exceeded their in-house capabilities.


    Genfare engaged with Omniwyse to develop a stable, scalable and high-performance software product. The big-picturechallenge was to achieve tighter integration of the various components and dependencies across the system.
    Some of the key challenges included:
  • Managing multiple development, quality assurance (QA) and production environments
  • Quality assurance (QA) and integration, given the silos between the multiple owners of solution modules
  • A large number of modules, each performing their own tasks independent of others, and introducing complexity into the system
  • Critical defects were interfering with reliability and consistent functioning
  • New features were needed, especially mobile applications, in order to meet the demands of Genfare’s customers

    Solution Highlights

  • In just three months, Omniwyse delivered a high-performance, scalable, and stable solution to the client.
  • The solution formed the engine behind two of the client's biggest fare collection systems. We ensured that the fare box version was updated and tested thoroughly to meet all system requirements,
  • A high-quality user experience was delivered to customers, for a comfortable ride.
  • Omniwyse developed more than five production builds in a record time, exceeding expectations of the client’s customers, and leading to a significant leap in customer retention. Also, the solution could be showcased and sold to several other new tenants.
  • The biggest win for the client was when the solution became profitable within a year of re-engineering.
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